Case Study : Mon Maintenance

Based in Holyhead, Anglesey and established in 2009, Mon Maintenance Services Ltd (MMS) is an Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Maintenance Contracting Company. As existing suppliers to the nuclear supply chain, MMS offer a range of services covering, installation, commissioning, planned and reactive maintenance.

MMS employs approximately 11 full-time equivalent workers in the UK nuclear sector, which Managing Director Andrew Samuel estimates accounts for approximately half of their annual turnover. His initial motivations for getting involved in the National Skills Academy for Nuclear were around the skills of the workforce, as he describes:

“We saw the benefits of products like the Skills Passport and Triple Bar in terms of demonstrating our commitment to and skills for the industry. We also saw how they could support us particularly around Apprenticeships.”

Since joining NSAN, Mon Maintenance Services have used a number of training products, including the Award for Nuclear Industry Awareness (ANIA) and Triple Bar (Existing Sites). They have also accessed Community Apprenticeship Scheme funding for the first NSAN-supported Apprentice in Wales.

The Benefits of Membership

MMS received approximately £8,000 of CAS funding for their Apprentice who started in 2010. As the Community Apprenticeship Scheme is now closed, this benefit has not been factored in to the Return on Investment calculations, but we note that this funding on its own equates to over three years of MMS’ membership.

Commercial Benefits

Because Mon Maintenance Services already had a relationship with their key nuclear clients before joining NSAN, Andrew and Stephen Evans, CEO, believe that it does not make a significant  contribution to their existing commercial relationships. However, they also comment that there will be future commercial benefits arising from the NSAN relationship, particularly the Triple Bar (Existing Sites).

“Triple Bar will help us to increase our involvement in the nuclear sector in the future – it will save time for new entrants. In the future Site Licence Companies won’t want to pay for Triple Bar for people they don’t employ and if we’ve got the troops ready to go it makes us more competitive. Looking ahead to New Build you’ll need to have all of these qualifications and skills in place before you start and we’ve speculated to accumulate.”

Andrew and Stephen believe that NSAN has contributed approximately £3,000 worth of value to their business this year in terms of their attribution of that relationship to new nuclear clients above and beyond their existing relationships which pre-date NSAN.

Skills Benefits

Andrew and Stephen initially put their key front-line workers through the Award for Nuclear Industry Awareness (and their entire staff through Triple Bar).

Working with NSAN has given MMS the opportunity to provide additional support for Apprentices – without the initial support of NSAN they would never have taken on Apprentices. There have also been opportunities for MMS’ two Apprentices which NSAN has catalysed. Stephen comments:

“We’ve been able to give Apprentices new experiences – for example we had a workshop with them where we discussed giving the Apprentices a chance to go to Springfields for some training. The benefit to the Apprentices is that they’ll be able to walk into a job now wherever they go; it raises their skills and their profile (for example we had the first Welsh NSAN Apprentice). In turn that showcases the company as the people that have supported him.”

Andrew estimates that the business will make approximately £10,000 profit from the work of their first Apprentice and that profit would not have been generated without NSAN support, as the Apprentice would never have been taken on.

Insight Benefits

Andrew and Stephen believe that working with NSAN, and specifically their Operations Manager, gives them access to information and sector insight which is invaluable to them:

In total, Andrew estimates that without Alli, he would have to spend 20 days per year to achieve the same level of insight; double the amount of time he currently spends on the relationship. Indeed, he observes,

“There would still be quite a lot that I never got to the bottom of – nuclear is quite a tough nut to crack and I wouldn’t always be able to access the information and people I needed at all.”

Costs of Membership

MMS make an investment in membership of NSAN, both in terms of cash , and in terms of officer time attending meetings both with Skills Academy staff and with other Skills Academy member organisations. Time spent meeting and speaking with Regional Manager Alli Hunt and participating in NSAN’s Regional Steering Group comprises approximately 10 person days per year. For more detailed information on this case study, please download the Value of a Long-Term Relationship report.