PDL Solutions

PDL Solutions

PDL is an engineering consultancy. We provide complementary engineering design and analysis consultancy services to our clients operating in all of the safety critical industries.

Our core skill sets are Global Dynamic Analysis (OrcaFlex), Finite Element Analysis (FEA),Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Pipe Stress Analysis (CEASAR II), Multibody Dynamics (RecurDyn) and Engineering Design.

We have 3 businesses; one in Europe (Hexham), one in North America (Houston) and one in Asia (Singapore).

We aspire to be the “go to” people for advanced engineering design and analysis consultancy services for our current and future clients and the “go to” company for our current and future employees.

People are the key to any business and we are certainly no exception to that rule. Our engineers are held in high regard by our clients and deservedly so. Since our inception in May 2000, our engineers have supported some of the most technically challenging projects at some of the most notable regional, national and international entities.

Over 80% of our new business comes from existing clients. This high level of repeat business is the cornerstone of our long term growth and sustainability. It is testament to the quality of the work that we deliver on a consistent basis and the trust that we establish with our clients.

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