PSL Assemblies

PSL combines innovation, design, and technical expertise with extensive in-house manufacturing, testing & assembly facilities.

Supporting the global Power Electronics marketplace, PSL provide Thermal Management Solutions for a wide range of industrial applications including: Railway Traction, HVDC, Nuclear Power, LED Lighting, Renewables, EV Automotive, Scientific, Medical, UPS, Laser, Welding, and Naval Defence.

Efficient thermal management is critical to the reliability and performance of electronic equipment. Choosing the right cooling solution for your unique electronics application is essential in prolonging the lifespan of both electronic components and power electronic systems.

From heat sink design through to complex turnkey assemblies, PSL offers a truly world-class service in the design & manufacture of all types of Standard Extrusion Heat Sink, Bonded Fin Heat Sink, Liquid-Cooled Plates, Semiconductor Assembly, Sub-system Assembly, Electronic Box-Build and Thermally-Managed Electronics Enclosures.

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