Become a Provider

Delivering Excellence in Skills for Nuclear

NSAN providers have access to a wide range of practical resources and support services to help them to maximise their business in nuclear, whilst maintaining the highest quality of provision available.  NSAN’S Provider Network is tasked with delivering excellence in skills for nuclear. The provider network has been developed to encompass a range of high quality provision that geographically cover the whole of the UK Nuclear Industry.  

As a member of NSAN’s Provider network you will receive the following benefits:

  • Business referrals from our Operations Managers who work closely with employer members in all sub sectors of nuclear
  • Ability to tender for skills solutions being developed via NSAN
  • Use of NSAN’s logo in marketing materials, making a clear, public statement of your organisation’s commitment to excellence to the nuclear industry through skills development
  • Access to exclusive NSAN provider events and training
  • Brand visibility via an entry in our online course directory on the NS4P website.

Our Provider network includes membership from independent providers, FE colleges, HE institutions, nuclear employers with a training departments.  Provision covers all skills needed for the nuclear industry from highly technical skills to soft skills development.

There are 4 different provider groups that make up the NSAN HQPN.  These are

Quality Assured Providers are a group of high performing private providers and Further Education colleges equipped to deliver the qualifications and training courses required by industry.  Each provider has successfully completed NSAN’s rigorous application process, involving achieving high standards of attainment within the educational regulatory system, a written application and further examination by the NSAN Team.

Assured Employer Providers includes employers who have been successful in the NEF Assured (Nuclear) process.

Higher Education Providers include our lead partners in the development of industry backed foundation degrees and also a growing number of establishments from across the UK keen to support NSAN’s HE agenda and to deliver key elements of the Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism.

Employer Nominated Providers are training providers who deliver courses required by industry at a sufficiently high level that they are recommended by nuclear employer members to become part of NSAN’s provider network.


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