Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites Updated

NSAN’s successful Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites (TBNNBS) e-learning package has been updated and now includes an online assessment. 

Individuals undertaking the online course will no longer be required to attend a written examination at a CITB examination centre.  The inclusion of the online assessment will aid in reducing the time required to become certificated for the course completion, and reduce the overall costs of the course.

The TBNNBS has been developed in collaboration with EDF Energy to provide individuals with a basic level of understanding about some of the important aspects about working on a nuclear new build site, and how this may differ to other construction projects.

The course is aimed at individuals who will require unescorted access for working on a nuclear new build site approved by UK Government for the construction of new civil nuclear power stations.

For individuals contracted to Hinkley Point C the training is included in the one day EDF Energy induction process.

Jo Tipa, Managing Director of NSAN commented:

“This course provides a great pre-induction opportunity for individuals who wish to prepare for their induction for working on a new build site and helps to ensure success.

Over 10,000 people have completed the TBNNBS, making this a hugely successful course for the industry.  The inclusion of online assessment will ease the time and cost pressures of individuals looking to take the course prior to commencing work on a nuclear new build site.”

The course is available from the Nuclear Training Network e-learning portal (, estimated to take up to 3 hours to complete and is offered at £50+VAT. 

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