Nuclear Industrial Partnership

Who has been involved?

Led by Magnox Ltd and managed by NSAN, representing over 120 employers.  Guided by an Employer Programme Board including representatives from nine different nuclear employers with ECITB and Prospect.

The Partnership utilised nine delivery partners from across the country. The approach was specifically designed to reach all stages of the talent lifecycle, ranging from education of what the sector has to offer to those still at school to upskilling and reskilling those already in the workforce and developing the subject matter experts of the future.

Success stories

Traineeships have not been used in the sector before. However, under the Nuclear IP two bespoke programmes were developed through partnerships between employers and providers. The feedback from the delivery teams and the young people attending has been incredibly positive. The employers have been so impressed with the cohorts that more than 50% of the trainees have moved immediately on to apprenticeships and the remainder have since gone on to other apprenticeships or further training. Those on apprenticeships have so far proven to be more driven and more reliable than those selected through traditional methods and employers are keen to continue this new route in to the sector.

The Capability Model has been developed with employers alongside a Maturity Assessment Tool, a benchmarking tool for employers to use to analyse their skills and training needs and to then direct them to suitable skills solutions. This has enabled them to implement a ‘Systematic Approach to Training’ based on real business needs.

New partnerships have been created during delivery of the Nuclear IP; now these have been established they are able to continue beyond the life of the IP creating added value for those involved and the wider sector.

The legacy – what next?

The Nuclear IP has been a driver to begin initiatives within the industry; it has been an opportunity to try new things and where these have been successful it is hoped these will be able to continue. Groups within the nuclear industry are currently looking at follow on plans for Labour Market Intelligence, Traineeships, Competence Set development, Give2Gain and Subject Matter Experts.

“The Nuclear Industrial Partnership has been a fantastic opportunity to address some of the staffing challenges facing the industry. We took advantage of NSAN’s existing employer-led structure to enable us to act quickly and gain buy-in from a wide range of employers and providers within the sector.

Each of the streams we have developed has proved to be popular and successful, with the most surprising achievement being the realisation of the benefits a traineeship can bring to both the employer and the young learner.  It gives an opportunity to assess a trainee’s capabilities and provide that hugely important first step towards a career in nuclear and broader technical industries.

Despite significant challenges with the early conclusion of funding we have continued to overachieve on our deliverables. With the structures already embedded in nuclear we are able to continue the legacy of the work that has been done providing added value to the inputs from Government and industry.”

Tony Handley, Magnox - Nuclear IP Chair







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