The Nuclear Training Network


The Nuclear Training Network (NTN) is an e-learning portal that has been developed to provide hassle-free 24/7 access to high quality training and learning resources for the nuclear industry.

The NTN hosts courses developed by NSAN, as well as those developed by employers and providers to enable the sharing of best practice.  Creating a learning account is easy and can be done directly at

Some of the courses available via the NTN include:

  • Award for Nuclear Industry Awareness
  • Introduction to Site Licence and Licence Conditions
  • Nuclear Cyber Security - General Awareness
  • Nuclear Site Licence Compliance for Site Licensee Employees
  • Nuclear Site Licence Compliance for Supply Chain Employees
  • Triple Bar Existing Sites
  • Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites
  • Triple Bar Nuclear Security


Nuclear Training Network Hosting

The Nuclear Training Network offers a dedicated, hassle-free option for sharing your learning resources.  

The NTN enables organisations to host, share and make accessible their own learning, training and learning resources across the sector. The NTN already has over 26,000 learners (April 2018) and this is growing daily.

The NTN provides companies with a cost-effective, market-focussed platform for the sharing or selling of their electronic learning materials.

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