Evaluation of Training Guide

A Best Practice Guide

An industry survey of nuclear companies carried out by NSAN’s independent evaluator, Skyblue Research, showed that companies were collectively spending £91 million on training per annum. This poses a key question: to what extent is this training providing a return on that investment? The survey also found that only  37% of companies felt they evaluate the impact of training on the nuclear aspect of their business effectively. From this data it can be seen that nearly two thirds of organisations questioned  do not have a robust evaluation practice in place and therefore, have no way of determining the impact of the training carried out not only on their employees, but for the good of the  business overall. 

This introductory guide, freely available to members, provides a clear framework for companies wishing to demonstrate the value of training, whether that is to staff or senior management. Also to share the sentiment that ‘industry is doing good work’ and it is now time to bring it all together for the benefit of the nuclear sector.
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