Process Safety Management

Cogent Skills and NSAN are working assist companies in improving process safety at three distinct levels:

1. Strategic/Leadership Level
2. Tactical/Management Level
3. Operational Level

Each of the process safety management courses offered through this programme are relevant to COMAH and non COMAH sites. 

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recognised that the adoption of this standards-based approach, starting at the leadership level and cascading to management and operational levels, can help companies achieve and demonstrate effective process safety management.

Process Safety Leadership 1 Day

PSL is a one day course specifically designed for Senior Executives and Board Members of major hazard facilities, who are ultimately responsible for developing a strong process safety culture within their organisation, and who need to make key business decisions that have an impact on process safety. The training course offers a clear insight into how to promote a positive safety culture throughout your organisation through the effective engagement of your workforce.

Process Safety Management Foundations 2 Days

The PSMF course provides the fundamental knowledge and understanding of the principles of process safety management across the entire organisation. It gives employees working in hazardous environments the tools to understand the safety, health and an environmental hazard associated with their working environment and identifies how they can manage the processes to keep them safe and efficient. 

Process Safety Management for Operations – Licensed and External Delivery

The PSMO course has been designed to focus on what really matters to you and your operations staff. Participants will focus on site specific hazards and control measures as they apply to them, and demonstrate how they contribute to keeping the process safe.   It is delivered using clear language and practical workshop activities, the course will review actual incidents and near misses and explore how the lessons learned can be applied to your own setting. The way the course can be delivered allows the training to be delivered across your organisation for minimal cost per head and in a way that you control. Choose below the licensed route or external delivery to suit your needs.

Open Course Dates 
Process Safety Leadership - 16th January 2018 
Process Safety Management Foundations - 27th and 28th February 2018 

North West - Mercure Haydock Hotel, Haydock

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