The Training Foundation

The Training Foundation; winners of the Queen's Award for Innovation, (Training Accreditation Programme - TAP), provide a complete range of skills qualifications and competent assessments for trainers. Their courses are underpinned by objective assessment models – including robust observation criteria for delivery, facilitation, coaching etc. Their courses and methodology provide Quality-Assured Learning & Development.

Working with many industries including the Nuclear Sector (Sellafield Ltd, WINS, AWE and IAEA) TAP trainer skills courses are providing additional skills in trainer led delivery and instructional design to further support effective and safer performance - their courses ensure consistency and standardisation.

Skills-based – practical skills that transfer immediately to the workplace

Modular – one to five day programmes that can lead to TAP Diplomas

Assessable – delegates pass robust TAP assessments to prove learning

Role-relevant – 23 individual TAP Certificates specific to individual’s needs

Timely – achievable over a short period of time, on demand

Over 30,000 TAP Trainer Skills Certificates have been issued in the UK across all industries in both public and private sectors. All Certificates are awarded by the British Institute for Learning & Development.