Geoff Owens - STEM Ambassador of the Year

Geoff’s career spans 33 years within the nuclear industry and he is currently employing Lean Manufacturing techniques for Process Improvement at URENCO UK. For the last 7 years Geoff has actively volunteered in URENCO’s STEM programme which has led to him engaging with over 1000 students, and within the past 12 months, dedicating over 200 hours towards the STEM programme.
Geoff’s volunteering has allowed him to be involved in some truly memorable moments from becoming a radio DJ, a TV show host and even acting as a mad professor. His employer said, “Geoff is committed towards teaching students about STEM subjects, realising their talents and guiding them down the right career choices path. Enthusiasm comes naturally to Geoff and his commitment to furthering the cause of STEM with young people is exemplar.”