Cyber & Information Security Awareness Training for the UK Nuclear Industry - Part B

In February 2017 the Government launched “The National Cyber Security Strategy. ” This strategy sets out what cyber risks will be addressed, by whom, when, and how success will be measured.  The strategy sets out a path to keeping the UK civil nuclear sector ahead of rapidly evolving threats to, and vulnerabilities in, software and equipment in the next five years. It sets out clear expectations, and the roles that the industry, Government and Regulators need to play.

Course outline

The course is delivered in two parts.  Part A is aimed at employees and Part B provides information at an organisational level. Each part delivered in 1/2 day slots, or both Parts can be delivered in one day.

What is the training need for employees? 

50% of the worst security breaches are caused by human error, it is recommended that all employees are educated in the essentials of cyber security.   

What is the training need for organisations?

Senior Managers and leaders will benefit from high level awareness of cyber security and the requirement for an effective information security management strategy and system.   Organisations need to identify the relevant legal and regulatory requirements, such as those emanating from the Office for Nuclear Regulation, and understand what good looks like in terms of governance and compliance.  This is covered in Part B.

  Objectives of Part B  

  • Putting cyber security into context for the nuclear industry
  • Identifying the activities required to reduce cyber risk Good governance, policies & procedures
  • Strategies for ongoing improvement


You can book for Part A or Part B as standalone courses, or you can book both Part A & Part B in the same day.

Date/Region Course Cost Booking Link
9th October 2018
Energus, Cumbria
Part A
£210pp (NSAN Members)
£280pp (NSAN Non-Members)
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9th October 2018
Energus, Cumbria
Part B
£270pp (NSAN Members)
£360pp (NSAN Non-Members)
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9th October 2018
Energus, Cumbria
Part A & B
£420pp (NSAN Members)
£600pp (NSAN Non-Members)
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