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Whether you are experienced in delivering training to nuclear businesses, or you have provision that you think would be applicable to the nuclear industry, NSAN has the expertise and capability to make a difference to your organisation.  We are passionate about our members and providing you with a return on your investment by:

  • Helping you to grow your business
  • Providing you with insight into the sector
  • Providing you with valuable networking opportunities
  • Providing funding for skills for nuclear

As a member of NSAN’s provider network you will gain access to a wide range of practical resources and support services to help you to maximise your business in nuclear.
NSAN’S Provider Network is tasked with delivering excellence in skills for nuclear. The provider network has been developed to encompass a range of quality provision that geographically covers the whole of the UK Nuclear Industry.

 Most valued provider benefits: 

  • Dedicated relationship from an Operations Manager – you will benefit from face to meetings and have a direct contact for any queries in between meetings.  You will not only gain support from the Operations Manager but also from the whole NSAN team.
  • You will receive business referrals from our Operations Managers who work closely with employer members in all sub sectors of nuclear.
  • Showcase your offering through your entry in NSAN’s online training directory
  • Invitations to exclusive NSAN groups, provider events, training and opportunities to network with other key figures in the industry.
  • Be able to tender and become involved alongside NSAN and other key organisations in nuclear in developing solutions to specific skills issues.
  • Have your voice heard – NSAN provides a voice in to government from an operational level on how the changes to the skills landscape are affecting companies including providers.
  • Use of NSAN’s logo in marketing materials, making a clear, public statement of your organisation’s commitment to excellence to the nuclear industry through skills development
  • Promote applicable news/courses through NSAN in our regular member updates and social media.
  • Regular communications to keep you informed of NSAN developments, opportunities and important skills related initiatives.

Through your relationship with NSAN we will help to inform your market approach & increase your market awareness and help to raise your profile.

 Is my organisation eligible? 

Our Provider network includes membership from independent providers, FE colleges, HE institutions and nuclear employers with a training department.  Provision covers all skills needed for the nuclear industry from highly technical skills to soft skills development.  There are a number of provider types within our network.

 Quality Assured (QA) Providers 
QA Providers are private providers and further education colleges equipped to deliver the qualifications and training courses required by industry.  Each provider has successfully completed NSAN’s rigorous application process, involving achieving high standards of attainment within the educational regulatory system, a written application and further examination by the NSAN Team and employers.

 Employer Nominated Providers 

Training providers who deliver courses required by industry at a sufficiently high level that they are recommended by nuclear employer members to become part of NSAN’s provider network.

 Higher Education Providers 
Includes our lead partners in the development of industry backed foundation degrees and also a growing number of establishments from across the UK keen to support NSAN’s HE agenda and to deliver key elements of the Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism. HE providers (institutes) are not required to go through a QA process or require letters of support as primary responsibility for ensuring academic standards and quality lie with that particular institute.

 How much does it cost? 
All members are required to pay an annual fee to NSAN.  This income is used to develop the skills solutions as identified by our members and to provide member support and engagement.  Provider costs vary depending on current provision for the nuclear industry.


Contact us for more information and to register your interest becoming a provider for NSAN.  We will give you a call back to talk through how we can support your business.