Award for Nuclear Industry Awareness (ANIA)

The Challenge
Employers highlighted a need for a standardised approach of enabling new or recent entrants to gain a foundation level of understanding of the nuclear industry covering key aspects of history, conventional safety, nuclear safety, operations, waste management and security requirements.

The Result
The National Skills Academy for Nuclear with industry employer participation from AWE Aldermaston, British Energy, Sellafield Ltd and Urenco in conjunction with Cogent Skills Sector Council (SSC) and GENII Engineering and Technology Training developed a ‘nuclear awareness’ programme.  This programme became known as the Award for Nuclear Industry Awareness and gained accreditation from Ofqual, and is offered as a Level 2 qualification via PAA/VQSET.

The Award needed to be all encompassing and has been designed to suit people from a range of prior learning and experience levels i.e. Apprentices, Graduates and other non nuclear sector personnel who are looking to gain employment in the nuclear sector.  It is equally suitable for current nuclear employers who wish to gain a nationally recognised qualification for the experience and knowledge they have gained.

To ensure the Award is as easily accessible as possible, i.e. taking into account geographic locations, shift patterns, personal commitments etc,  the Skills Academy designed two delivery options for the Award; as an online e-Learning course or a classroom based approach via the Skills Academy Quality Assured Providers.  Both methods conclude with an examination at a Skills Academy approved centre of the learner’s choice.