Employer Assured Providers

In house deliverers of training who are employer members of NSAN can gain quality assurance of their training departments via NEF Assured (Nuclear).  This route will enable the training department to join NSAN as an Assured Employer Provider.

NEF Assured (Nuclear) is the industry specific standard for assuring employer member deliverers of training in the nuclear sector. The standard provides a highly valuable independent validation of an organisation’s approach to learning, training and talent development, which is recognised by NSAN. This outcome focused standard is the first step in enabling member organisations to have in house training aligned to and benchmarked against employer-led and agreed Industry Standards on the NS4P system.  NEF Assured (Nuclear) recognises the need for continuous improvement and for training to impact directly on business objectives.

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Current Employer Assured Providers

  • Atkins
  • Croft Associates
  • Dounreay Site Restoration Limited (DSRL)
  • Horizon Nuclear Power
  • Magnox Ltd Sites:
    • Berkeley
    • Bradwell
    • Chapelcross
    • Dungeness A
    • Harwell Site
    • Hinkley Point A
    • Hunterston A
    • Oldbury
    • Sizewell A
    • Trawsfynydd
    • Winfrith SiteWylfa
  • Sellafield Ltd