Get Involved

NSAN members get exclusive access to a suite of practical resources and support services – as well as the opportunity to become part of a non-competitive forum for the development of skills solutions to meet the needs of nuclear in the UK.

Benefits include

  • Dedicated 1:1 support on skills for nuclear-  You will have a dedicated contact who will work with you on the skills development needs of your organisation.
  • Funding & Discounts - Reducing your costs for increasing your workforce’s competence and maximising your business performance.
  • Staff Development - training and development opportunities to improve workforce competence and SQEP (Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel) to improve your business capability.
  • High Quality Provision - A network of over 50 training providers across the UK.
  • Industry developed solutions including:
  • NS4P - Skills and Competency Management System
  • The nuclear industry’s On Line Learning Portal -  W.nucleartrainingnetwork.com
  • Wide range of courses 
  • Capability Model – Good practice approach to training, accreditation and nuclear professionalism
  • Industry Standards


Is my organisation eligible?

If your organisation is a nuclear company or provides services to the nuclear industry, then you’re eligible to become a Member – whether nuclear is a small part of your overall business or the main focus of your activity.

How much does it cost?

All members are required to pay an annual fee to NSAN.  This income is used to develop the skills solutions as identified by our members and to provide member support and engagement.  Membership cost is on a sliding scale and is dependent upon a company’s income from the sector and the number of people you have working on projects related to nuclear.

Further information and to apply

For more information on the benefits of membership view the brochure below.

Contact us to discuss further your requirements and look at how NSAN can be of benefit to your business.Inclusion in the process influencing the wider industry and governmental approach to skills in nuclear.

  • Opportunity to be involved in collaborative industry bids for support and funding.
  • Access to LMI - industry wide labour market needs analysis.
  • Discounts on skills solutions through various funding steams and offers. 
  • Free access to the Nuclear Training Network.
  • Members get free access to the NS4P online system. 

For more information on the benefits of membership view the brochure below or contact us