Mission, Vision & Values

NSAN is the go-to place for skills for nuclear

Our Mission:
Improving the performance of people in the nuclear industry through championing competence, compliance and continuous development.

We are an expert skills membership organisation that works collaboratively with employers and providers, bringing innovative solutions to the nuclear industry.

We work with companies to solve their skills problems, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Our members benefit from a dedicated relationship with one of our Operations Managers to offer our unique service, tailored to their needs providing value for money.

We work with and actively promote our provider network which is tasked with delivering excellence in skills for nuclear. The provider network has been developed to encompass a range of quality provision that geographically covers the whole of the UK nuclear industry. 


Skills for a safe and secure nuclear future.

NSAN Company Values:

We are committed to excellence in all aspects of NSAN’s activities, providing a service to our members which is second to none. 

We take an active approach to providing solutions to the skills requirements of the UK nuclear industry.

  • Positive - Always positive in our interactions with industry.
  • Inquisitive - We listen so that we can ask appropriate questions to really understand the requirements of companies and providers.
  • Genuine - We care about our industry and the companies and providers committed to the UK Nuclear industry.  We want all of our members to be successful.
  • Supportive – As a member you gain the support not only from your dedicated Operations Manager, but from the whole team at NSAN.  We are here to help you develop your workforce and win business in nuclear.
  • Involved – We have been at the forefront of skills initiatives for the nuclear industry for over a decade.  We are solely dedicated to the needs of our industry.