Cross Channel Nuclear Education & Training

Organisations dedicated to education & training in nuclear energy from both sides of the Channel are getting closer. The National Skills Academy for Nuclear (UK) and the International Institute of Nuclear Energy (France) have identified common areas of interest and potential cooperation that will really drive forward performance improvement and safety across the nuclear industry. The organisations confirmed their commitment to partnership working by signing a Collaboration Agreement at the British French summit held in Paris, 17th February 2012.

 The Skills Academy and I2EN have a common interest in promoting excellence in the nuclear industry through the establishment of high standards and expectations for training, education, and qualifications. Working together, the Skills Academy and I2EN will build on their expertise to enhance skills development and establish an effective collaborative approach between the UK and France in addressing the skills and educational challenges.

Jo Tipa, Operations Director of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear who signed the agreement on behalf of the Skills Academy commented:

“This is a really important collaboration for both parties and an exciting development for the nuclear industry. Our joint working has a number of aims, the greatest of which will be to work collaboratively to promote the highest standards of skills development across the UK and French Nuclear Industries. We are looking forward to working closely with I2EN and the sharing of experiences, knowledge and expertise to develop an international approach to addressing the skills and educational issues facing the nuclear industry in each country.”

"UK and France are two countries with a long nuclear experience," stresses Jacques Figuet in charge of I2EN. "Comparing our training standards and the ways we analyse the needs should lead to the improvement of our nuclear training proposals, in an international context. This issue is particularly important, as safety and security demand well trained engineers, technicians and workers."

Picture above : Bernard Bigot (R), High Commissioner of the French Nuclear Energy Committee (CEA), and Jo Tipa (L), Operations Director at the National Skills Academy Nuclear, sign an bilateral protocol agreement for non-military nuclear safety as France's Industry Energy Minister Eric Besson (R Rear), Britain's Energy Secretary Ed Davey (2nd L Rear) and Lawrie Haynes (L Rear), Rolls Royce head of nuclear activities, watch during a Franco-British summit at the Elysee Palace in Paris February 17, 2012.  Photo By BENOIT TESSIER/REUTERS