Message from NSAN re Covid-19

Government advice concerning the emerging COVID-19 situation is to implement social distancing, including home working where possible, to protect the most vulnerable in society. 

As a responsible employer, NSAN has taken steps to ensure we comply with these recommendations, whilst at the same time maintain seamless operations and uphold our highest levels of quality and responsiveness to our members and wider client and supplier base.

You should not experience any loss in service when contacting us by email, social media, website or telephone.  However, if your needs are more urgent than normal, please do contact your NSAN Operations Manager/usual contact in the first instance. 

We will continue to provide regular NSAN Updates and other tailored communications during this time.  In addition, even before current events, we have been investing in an exciting new, Digital Member Platform.   This will be ready for you at the beginning of April, and we will notify you when you can log on and make use of the information, groups, forums and one-to-one connections that it will offer.  Enhanced benefits will be at your fingertips!

Furthermore, many of our members are considering increasing the use of eLearning and webinars/shared online content to help productively support and develop employees who are homeworking or have more time on their hands for a little while.  We are asking NSAN Provider Members to tell us what they have available for you and how to access it by the end of this week.

Our Nuclear Training Network has some great content already, plus we can quickly add your own eLearning content, host and share it for you for either open or closed access, free of charge or commercial use.  If your training materials require conversion into an electronic learning format, we can also do that for you through the NSAN eLearning Production Service.  

So, our message to you is that we are here as a strong team, working safely and effectively on your behalf to support your businesses and the wider nuclear sector. 

We welcome any comments and suggestions.  Give us your feedback and do not hesitate to ask for our help.

Jo Tipa
Managing Director