NESA Nuclear Workforce Assessment 2015

This Nuclear Energy Skills Alliance (NESA) report summarises the best Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) currently available for the nuclear industry. For the existing estate (both Civil and Defence) updated programmes available in 2015 have been used to provide refreshed data.
Nuclear New build has clearly advanced in terms of capital investment and the establishment and growth of project teams. However, it has not been possible at the time of writing to either update the schedule for the construction of new civil generation capacity, or to refine reactor workforce models beyond the generic. Nevertheless, the nuclear workforce model provides a good indication of the national skills challenge, for the industry to inform strategic skills fora.
Currently, new arrangements are being formed to construct an industry led nuclear skills strategy in the spring of 2016, to be implemented by the industry along with government and skills bodies. This report will inform both the strategy group and the actions and interventions of the existing NESA Plan. 
The main body of the report is structured as follows:
  • Key Findings
  • An overall demand picture for the industry to 2034
  • Data for the long term Nuclear activities of Operations, Decommissioning, Engineering Construction and Defence
  • A discussion of the challenges of the skills supply side
  • Sectoral analysis from individual skills bodies (Cogent, ECITB, CITB, Semta) and the Ministry of Defence
Download the document in full below