NESA Plan 2015


Meeting the skills demand for the New Nuclear Programme (16 GW) will be a significant challenge, particularly with the on-going need to operate, maintain and decommission existing nuclear power stations, deliver the nuclear defence programme and the ageing workforce profile across the nuclear sector.

The NESA Plan acts as one of the key deliverables requesterd from NESA by the Nuclear Industry Council. The collective activity is critical in addressing the broad purpose of sustaining our nuclear skills.

This is the third update of the NESA Plan ( November 2015 ) providing industry with the collective overview of activity and progress by the NESA partners in addressing the skills challenges during 2015. This version of the Plan has evolved and has taken into account the Nuclear Workforce Assessment 2014 and input from the 2014 NESA Employer Consultation Event.

This plan has been structured around the Nuclear Skills Lifecycle as articulated in ‘Sustaining our Nuclear Skills’ publication and provides a comprehensive overview of nuclear skills related activities in response to the Nuclear Workforce Assessment (NWA). This enables NESA to consider and address specific skills pinch points and broader themes to provide the supporting mechanisms necessary to guarantee a sustainable nuclear workforce. 

The output of the report generates an understanding of the skills demand, key priorities and the appropriate skills interventions to be developed and implemented by industry, the appropriate skills bodies and Government.  The output will also better help industry prepare for the different new build scenarios and the resulting demand on labour. This all builds on the extensive and positive work to date in addressing the skills challenges for nuclear.

Key findings from the NWA 2014 included:

  •  A peak in the overall workforce demand (excluding construction) is likely to occur in 2021, onsite activity will reach a maximum in 2025
  • The total workforce is expected to grow from 70,000 in 2014 to 98,000 in 2021; an expansion in demand of about 4,700 per year from the current figures
  • Over the same seven year period, the fraction of workers involved in new build will grow from 3% of the total to 35% - an additional 28,000 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employment
  • At the same time, existing resources will decline by 7% from 68,000 to 63,000 FTEs
  • Demand / Supply pinch points identified.

NESA, brings together the expert employer-led skills bodies relevant to nuclear, alongside Government and the academic community, to meet the current and future skills needs of the Nuclear New Build Programme and the UK nuclear programme more broadly as identified in the NWA.

The NESA Plan articulates the collective activity of all the NESA skills body partners that is both underway and planned to address the priorities and issues identified. The third iteration of the Plan was produced in 2015 following extensive consultation with industry. This is a live document and progress against the targets identified will be reviewed and up-dated by the NESA Programme Board on an on-going basis.

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