Nuclear Gateway System


What is the Nuclear Gateway?

Each year due to over subscription, the nuclear industry loses potentially highly skilled and motivated individuals to other sectors.  These individuals could be the next generation of industry leaders whose skills, whilst not being suitable for one particular employer selection process, could greatly benefit another employer.

The Nuclear Gateway will support the nuclear industry by providing a platform to assist talented individuals be actively retained and re-deployed within the industry.  The system will help address the loss of potential industry leaders to other sectors and help to deliver the identified replacement and expansion demand of  6830 FTEs per annum required for the planned nuclear civil and defence programme in the UK.

By getting involved with the Nuclear Gateway companies can provide candidates that they are unable to employ with the opportunity to register and promote themselves to other interested nuclear companies.

How does it work?

The Nuclear Gateway is an online placement service that connects recruiting employers with interested candidates looking for apprenticeship or graduate opportunities. 

Candidates are invited to enrol onto the Nuclear Gateway from nuclear companies that have successfully completed an apprentice or graduate recruitment campaign which has resulted in a surplus of candidates beyond their own requirements.

All registered candidates will have successfully completed part of the recruitment process with a nuclear organisation.

Recruiting companies can search for, and engage directly with the next generation of talented individuals looking for apprentice or graduate recruitment opportunities.  This provides a timely and cost effective route to talented individuals who are passionate about a career in nuclear.