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The End Point Assessment (EPA) Process

Throughout the apprenticeship, NSAN will be on hand to help with advice and guidance for Employers, Providers and Apprentices to ensure a smooth process and to help towards a successful outcome.

For the EPA process to work harmoniously, there are a number of key steps to be followed:

  • Selecting an EPA organisation to undertake EPA
  • Contractual arrangements between the EPA organisation and apprenticeship provider
  • Confirming readiness for EPA
  • Registration of apprentices for EPA methods
  • EPA method outcomes
  • Apprenticeship certification


Selecting NSAN as an End Point Assessment Organisation to undertake EPA

The first step an employer should take is to contact NSAN with a formal request for EPA.  Once the EPA cost is agreed, the employer will formally notify their apprenticeship provider.

Contractual arrangements between NSAN and the Apprenticeship Provider

The provider and NSAN must put in place a contract agreement for the EPA of the employers apprentices, including the transfer of apprentice details and evidence and for the agreed EPA fee to be paid.

Confirming readiness for EPA

The provider on behalf of the employer will be required to confirm an apprentice is ready for EPA and must provide NSAN with any evidence for mandatory training or qualifications specified in the apprenticeship standard. 

Registration of apprentices for EPA by NSAN

The provider must give NSAN the personal details for an apprentice, so they can be registered for the EPA and to enable certification on successful completion.

NSAN will set a deadline for the EPA written technical report to be submitted ahead of interview panel. Employers will need to effectively plan this in around the needs of their work commitments.

The venues to hold the EPA methods will be agreed between NSAN, the provider and employer and where possible these will be at the employers site, providers site or other location in close proximity to minimise the disruption to the apprentices’ work commitments and travel required.

EPA method outcomes

NSAN will inform the provider on the outcome of EPA written report, presentation and interview, for the provider to advise the apprentice and their employer.  Any remedial action is to be agreed with the employer before re-sits are scheduled.

Apprenticeship Certification

NSAN will apply for the apprentice's certificate.  The certificate confirms the apprenticeship has been achieved. The certificate will be sent directly to the employers stated address.

Further Information

For information about the End Point Assessment service NSAN can provide to your organisation, contact us

To request NSAN to be the EPAO for your apprentices complete the EPA request form below.