Capability Model

Capability Model for the UK Nuclear Industry

A Good Practice Approach to Training, Accreditation and Nuclear Professionalism.

This document has been developed at the request of the employer led National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN) Board, to clearly articulate to Senior Representatives within the nuclear sector (Operators and Supply Chain) the various skills development tools and techniques (Capability Model) available for implementation by member organisations of NSAN and Cogent Skills. This will provide employers with the opportunity to apply these good practice guidelines and continue on the journey to excellence demonstrated in many aspects of the nuclear sector.  
This is a model that will enable companies to assess workforce capability and then support the development of a demonstrably competent, safe and secure UK nuclear workforce with the highest standards of nuclear professionalism, driving business performance improvement. The model will be fit for purpose to meet distinct business needs. 
All aspects of high quality skills, training and workforce development are encompassed in this model outlining a standard for the whole of the UK nuclear industry.
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