Coming Soon! PGCert in Nuclear Engineering

Aston University will be launching the Postgraduate Certificate, which encompasses the Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism (CoNP) in January 2018.
The programme has been constructed in collaboration with the National Skills Academy Nuclear to meet the requirements of the nuclear industry. It is has been designed to also meet the requirements of the Nuclear Institute for nuclear
engineers and the Engineering Council’s Engineering Gateways Project.
The Programme is suited to:
  • Experienced engineers looking to move to the nuclear sector from other sectors.
  • Engineering graduates looking to gain knowledge of the specialist engineering requirements of the nuclear sector.
  • For existing technical workers in the nuclear engineering sector to develop their level of engineering expertise.
People with the required credit can move into the MSc Professional Engineering Programme.
An appropriately structured curricula, combing education and learning in theoretical issues with practical skills training sufficient for meeting the professional requirements of the nuclear sector, and conformance to the requirements of the Nuclear DeltaTM.
The programme provides a combination of nuclear engineering and transferable skills modules, and is offered as a “block release” course with three days of classroom training plus self-study for each of the four modules in the Certificate.
The four modules are:
  • Nuclear Engineering Principles; which covers the core principles of nuclear power generation and the nuclear fuel cycle.
  • Nuclear Safety; covering risk reduction through legislation and regulation, and key human factors to be considered in risk reduction.
  • Project Management; covering the key stages in management of a project working through a simulated nuclear scenario, plus a review of key elements of costing and budgeting related to project management
  • Leading and Communicating in Complex Organisations; exploring the role of effective teamwork and leadership in a nuclear environment.
Each module is assessed by work-based reflective learning, and is designed for participants to immediately apply in their work environment.
Successful completion of the programme leads to the joint award of the Certificate in Nuclear Professionalism from NSAN and a Postgraduate Certificate in Nuclear Engineering from Aston University. Successful participants will be eligible to transfer onto Aston’s full MSc in Professional Engineering, or onto other Post Graduate learning, transferring in all of their awarded credits. The Aston MSc pathway is designed around a series of real work projects to enhance applicability and learning, and provides a pathway to Chartered Engineer status.
More information will be added soon.
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