Human Performance Fundamentals for Leaders

Most of these don’t affect us, but one day one of these could have serious consequences for the safety of your employees, and the performance of the business.
Human Performance is about us as individuals and teams, and how we can reduce the frequency of errors whilst building in better defence mechanisms. This one day programme has been designed and proven by arguably the most safety-critical sectors of all – nuclear. However, its learning outcomes are just as relevant to teams and individuals in other highintegrity, highly regulated industries as they will learn from the nuclear sector’s experience and be able to apply this knowledge in their own workplaces.
This programme is offered by the National Skills Academy Nuclear (NSAN). It fully meets the requirements set out in the internationally-recognised Human Performance Fundamentals Training Standard. This standard has been developed by leading employers from the UK, US and European nuclear sectors, and provides a solid benchmark and consistent approach to all Human Performance training.
Training Style
The training is highly participative and uses a mix of games and practical exercises, videos and tutor facilitation. A simple assessment process is used on the day to check understanding, and successful completion leads to the NSAN certificate in Human Performance Fundamentals. This certificate of completion can also be entered on the Nuclear Skills Passport (NS4P).
Target Audience
Leaders, managers and supervisors of employees or contract workers who either apply hands-on skills directly in the work environment, or who act as knowledge workers in support of the work environment.

Delivery Method

In- House - This course has been designed to be delivered in-house so it can be tailored to a specific company. Subject to availability our trainers can deliver the programme at the company’s site (or at a suitable local venue of their choice) if they have a group of 10 or more (max 15). Please register your interest here.

Open - We are looking at delivery sometime in October/December, however, this will depend on the demand. Please register your interest here and we will be in touch if demand means we are able to offer an open course date.

Open Course Cost 
For Skills Academy Member Companies - £250 pp + VAT
For Non Skills Academy Member Companies - £450 pp +VAT
(The price is inclusive of tuition, materials, and lunch/refreshments)
Learning Outcomes
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Stacey Balmer
Course Manager 
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