Quality Management Processes, Procedures & Documentation Masterclass for Leaders

This course is designed to provide an overview of customer requirements and the related quality and safety standards, processes and documentation so that suppliers are in a stronger position to implement robust quality management processes, systems, controls, plans and documentation. 

It will address the following requirements:

  • the practical implications of customer quality frameworks and standards; e.g. RCC-M, ASME, NSQ100 and GQAS
  • the quality management structures, systems, plans and evidence required to meet customer expectations and comply with quality standards
  • the practical documentation requirements, plans and business processes that customers expect and demand of suppliers.

Learning outcomes

Appreciation of customer expectation and standards and implementing effective quality management processes, including:

  • Practical application of nuclear quality standards, e.g. NSQ 100 & GQAS
  • Quality management organisational structures
  • Quality management systems specific to contract scope
  • Quality Plans – importance and content
  • Evidence of compliance and audit
  • Quality manuals and plans
  • Realisation of continuous improvement responsibilities in line with customer expectations

Documentation controls, including:

  • Creating, reviewing & approving documentation controls
  • Resource requirements
  • Procedure approval & customer approval
  • SQEP records/competency records & independency
  • Change control
  • Retention periods/lifetime records (how, who?)
  • Samples and test specimens
  • Documentation specifics (radiographs, ultrasonics and equivalents)
  • Project plans and reporting
  • Disaster management plans/business continuity management
  • Storage & preservation (process and documentation)

Aimed at?

Quality assurance managers, plus it may also benefit key employees from other departments such as manufacturing/engineering or material planning and logistics.

Suitable for the following Job grades:

  • Senior Manager
  • Director

Suitable for the following key business functions:

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Quality
  • Material Planning & Logistics


One day.
Standard times are 0900 – 1630, however, these can be negotiated to suit the needs of the company.

Delivery Method

This course was designed to be delivered ideally in-house so it can be tailored to a specific company. Subject to availability our trainers can deliver the programme at the company’s site (or at a suitable local venue of their choice) if they have a group of 10 or more (max 15).



For further information, please contact;

Stacey Balmer
Course Coordinator
T: 01142 229943
E: stacey.balmer@nsan.co.uk