Quality Management Processes, Procedures & Documentation Masterclass for Practitioners

This two-day course will deepen understanding and knowledge of customer requirements and the related quality and safety standards, processes and documentation so that suppliers are in a stronger position to implement robust quality management processes, systems, controls, plans and documentation.

It will address the following requirements:

  • The practical implications of customer quality frameworks and standards; e.g. RCC-M, ASME, NSQ100 and GQAS.
  • The quality management structures, systems, plans and evidence required to meet customer expectations and comply with quality standards.
  • The practical documentation requirements, plans and business processes that customers expect and demand of suppliers.


Who should attend?
Anyone working in a junior or senior management role in departments such as manufacturing/engineering, quality or material planning/logistics.

For further information and to register your interest please contact:

Stacey Balmer
Course Coordinator
T:01142 229943
E: stacey.balmer@nsan.co.uk