STEM - Energy Foresight

Revised in 2016, the highly successful Energy Foresight programme is available for use for use in STEM activities by member organisations.  The Energy Foresight is free for NSAN members, STEM Ambassadors and teachers to access via NSAN’s e-learning platform, the Nuclear Training Network.

Energy Foresight has been revised to support the radioactive materials and electrical energy aspects of the key science curriculum at Key Stage 3 and upwards. Energy Foresight is designed to be used by teachers and NSAN Member's STEM ambassadors to engage with students.

The Energy Foresight programme supports teachers and STEM ambassadors in effectively supporting and delivering the GCSE curriculum.  The programme includes films, online games and detailed teacher packs that provide information to help with students’ understanding of the benefits of a balanced energy portfolio and the impact and different uses of radiation.

During NSAN’s first roll out of the Energy Foresight Programme over 700 schools were engaged and over 1400 teachers were involved in training on the delivery and use of the materials.

Independent evaluation of the programme reported that, “Teachers were impressed with the extent to which the Energy Foresight programmes engrossed their students and motivated them.”

Access to the material is by request.  If you would like to access the Energy Foresight materials, please visit W