Delivering Excellence in Skills for Nuclear

NSAN has established a high quality training provider network which is tasked with delivering excellence in skills for nuclear. The provider network has been developed to encompass a range of high quality provision that geographically cover the whole of the UK Nuclear Industry.   

Quality Assured Providers are a group of high performing private providers and Further Education colleges equipped to deliver the qualifications and training courses required by industry.  Each provider has successfully completed NSAN’s rigorous application process, involving achieving high standards of attainment within the educational regulatory system, a written application and further examination by the NSAN Team.

Assured Employer Providers includes employers who have been successful in the NEF Assured (Nuclear) process. 

Higher Education Providers Higher education providers include high performing HE establishments that are equipped to deliver the qualifications , education and training courses required by the nuclear sector, who can see a benefit in working more closely with industry via NSAN’s developed relationships with employers in the sector.

Employer Nominated Providers are training providers who deliver courses required by industry at a sufficiently high level that they are recommended by nuclear employer members to become part of NSAN’s provider network.