SCAN Apprentice Bursary

The SCAN Bursary Scheme is available to apprentices working in the supply chain for nuclear wishing to study for a future in the Nuclear industry. 

The SCAN Bursary can provide a grant of up to £1500 payable to you to help with the costs of courses of study in addition to your Apprenticeship (the bursary amount depends upon the quality of application and course of study chosen).

  • Apprentices need to be employed by a supply chain organisation (less than 300 employees working in nuclear and less than £30m per annum turnover in nuclear) with a direct or indirect contract with Sellafield Ltd, LLWR Ltd, Magnox Ltd or other NDA Sites and is a member of NSAN.
  • SCAN Bursaries are also available to nuclear manufacturing employers (less than 300 employees working in nuclear and less than £30m per annum turnover in nuclear). For full requirements please see the SCAN manufacturing page. 
  • You must not be in receipt of funding from another scheme e.g. CITB or ECITB for the same course.

Apprentices can apply for a Bursary via this scheme for up to 2 years after the completion of your Apprenticeship.

Examples of some of the maximum bursaries available for courses is shown below;

  • ‘Triple Bar Nuclear’ (TBN) Suite - Classroom training only
    • TBN Existing Sites – up to £50
    • TBN Manufacturing – up to £125
    • TBN Leadership – up to £175
  • ASME for Nuclear – up to £250
  • Foundation Degrees and Honours Degrees – up to £1500
  • Higher National Certificates / Diplomas – up to £1000
  • HuP Fundamentals Employees and Leaders – up to £125
  • RCC-E – up to £300
  • RCC-M – up to £500
  • Technical training courses – up to £500
  • Vocational (work related) qualifications e.g. APM Project Management Qualification or the Leader to Leader – up to £150