Triple Bar - Nuclear Security


The Triple Bar Nuclear Security (TBNS) course is designed to provide industry wide eLearning to transfer fundamental nuclear security knowledge to a broad, global audience. 

Delivered as three on line modules, this course represents a progression of knowledge about nuclear security such as threats and nuclear security, the nuclear security legal framework, the role of the IAEA, facilities and methods of prevention, detection and response relating to nuclear security breaches and other key nuclear security elements. 

Who is the TBNS training aimed at? A key benefit of the TBNS course will be to support professionals working in a nuclear security role worldwide and anyone wishing to gain fundamental nuclear security knowledge. 


Ideal candidates for the TBNS training are those who have a need to understand about the requirements of nuclear security, including: Threats; The legal framework; The role of the IAEA; Methods of prevention, detection and response; Effective Nuclear security culture.  


The TBNS training also provides a consistent starting point for IAEA nominated member state learners to progress onto Instructor Lead Training delivered by the IAEA.



On Line: 

The course is available for £50.00 plus VAT via NSAN’s e-Learning Portal, the Nuclear Training Network.

If you are looking to bulk purchase more than 50 e-Learner registrations in a single transaction, click here to contact  NSAN about a further discount.