Scientific Apprentice of the Year

This is the Nomination information for the Scientific Apprentice of the Year Award.  If you would like to put forward a nomination for any of the other categories you will need to download the appropriate form from the website or ask your Operations Manager.

Who should apply for this category?

Scientific Apprentices may have been involved in areas as varied as calibrations, sampling and titrations, assessing technical data, research and development, forging and mathematical modelling.  The apprenticeship could be for those who have worked in a laboratory setting, supporting scientists and helping carry out tests, research and investigations etc. also for those that work on site at various plants throughout the UK.

Typical Apprenticeship Frameworks could include:

  •   Scientific Technicians
  •   Science Manufacturing Technician
  •   Laboratory Technicians
  •   Health Physics Monitors (Radiation Protection)
  •   Environmental Science
  •   Process, Standards, Maintenance etc.
  •   Materials Laboratory Technicians

The above information acts as a guide and is not an exhaustive list of Apprenticeship Frameworks for the Scientific Apprentice of the Year category.  If you are unsure as to whether your particular Apprenticeship Framework falls under this category and would like further guidance, please contact who will be able to assist with your queries.

NB. Previous Awards Finalists cannot reapply for the Awards. Nominees can only be entered into one award category.

Completed Nominations are to be received by Friday 26th October 2018

Nuclear employers are invited to nominate their ‘Apprentice of the Year’ working in the nuclear sector.  It is expected that Employers will continue to utilise their current selection criteria to identify their ‘best’ nuclear sector apprentices. These must be apprentices who have completed, or will complete their apprenticeship framework/standard (NVQ or SVQ + National/Technical Certificate and Core/Key Skills) in the twelve months prior to the 26th October 2018.

The nominations criteria will focus on:

  • Commitment by the apprentice for their own personal development and progression through skills and learning
  • Outstanding contributions where the apprentice has exceeded expectations
  • Examples of achievement
  • Developing a career in the nuclear sector
  • Inspirational qualities

Each Employer nomination should include the following minimum information:

  • Nominee appraisal – to be completed by nominee
  • Nomination endorsement – Employer’s statement
  • Nomination endorsement – Training Provider’s statement

Completed Scientific Apprentice Nominations
Please email completed nominations by 5pm Friday 26th October 2018 for shortlisting by the judging panel.  Applications will need to be submitted via e-mail to with UK Nuclear Skills Awards - Scientific Apprentice as the subject 

NB: Applications received after this date will not be accepted or included in the selection process.