STEM Ambassador Award

Cogent Skills are looking for a STEM Ambassador that has gone the extra mile.

Outstanding commitment

We are looking for individuals who have done more than the minimum of one activity per year and who have had a real impact on young people and teachers, and/or on their colleagues or companies. Please give evidence how you have shown outstanding commitment as a Nuclear STEM Ambassador.

Types of activities

Use this section to give us an overview of the types of activities you have done, whether they were in one school or a range of schools (or other locations), what age groups were worked with. Working with one school in a sustained way is just as valid as working with a wide range of schools. If relevant, include additional activities, for example additional training, sharing with others, supporting networking events, supporting other Nuclear STEM Ambassadors, developing a team of STEM Ambassadors in a company.

Impact on others

We’re keen to know what impact you have had on young people and/or teachers. 

Additional supporting information

To ensure that we are able to judge your nomination against the others we receive, you are welcome to include feedback and testimonials from teachers, young people and colleagues.

Deadline for applications is the 27th October 2017.  All applications and any queries, need to be directed to Kate Hutchins