Subject Matter Expert of the Year

This is the Nomination form for the Subject Matter Expert of the Year

A new Award for the 2019 UK Nuclear Skills Awards to highlight the exceptional work of Subject Matter Experts within the nuclear industry.

Award Criteria

Nuclear Employer companies are invited to nominate their ‘best’ individual. This award can be for an internal individual and/or where a particular individual from the company’s supply chain has been identified as matching the criteria. Note this is a strict maximum of one individual from your own organisation and/or for one additional individual from one company in your supply chain.

Who should apply for this category?
The industry accepted definition is that Subject Matter Experts are assumed to be “personnel with authority in a particular work area developed through 10 or more years’ experience of the subject. Typically, they will have high-level authority to sign off plans-for-work and documents verifying safe completion. They are likely to hold the highest technical knowledge for that subject in the organisation. Subject Matter Experts do not necessarily have the highest educational qualification or hold senior managerial positions.  In some organisations, these are known as ‘Heads of Profession’ in others ‘Professional Leads’ or ‘Intelligent Customer’.  The key is those individuals where loss of a Subject Matter Expert’s knowledge would cause a serious disruption to the organisation’s work programme”.
Definition taken from the Nuclear Workforce Assessment 2017):

However, we understand that not all SMEs my meet this criteria exactly. If you would like to nominate an SME but are unsure about any aspect of the application please contact us to discuss your submission.

Overall Criteria
• Has the nominee acted (where relevant) with honesty, integrity, impartiality and objectivity?
• Can the company differentiate the individual for the value they add to the organisation?
• Does the nominee demonstrate an understanding of regulatory requirements specific to their role or subject area and the effects these have on the day to day running of a plant?
• Can the nominee show a deep understanding of a particular subject area, process, function, technology, instrument, material, type of equipment or similar?

Working with others
• Is the nominee active as an author i.e. publishing books, papers or articles on their topic? Do they serve as educators in colleges and universities?
• Has the nominee introduced effective joint working arrangements that connect colleagues from multiple teams, departments or other internal or external organisations e.g. forums, networks etc?

• Has the nominee used innovative approaches, which have resulted in a step up from business as usual and delivered real benefits to the company or the sector as a whole?
• Is the nominee able to bring/use information and shape it to the end user’s needs?

Personal attributes
• Does the nominee possess a set of attributes that is needed by clients for the Subject Matter e.g. understand the problem, contextualising the environment, solve specific problems or help meet particular technical challenges?
• Actively demonstrates softer skills such as mentoring, coaching, teaching, active listening etc.

Measurable benefits
• Does the nomination provide evidence that demonstrates how the project or initiative is achieving tangible results?
        o If the nomination relates to an individual who has provided support to individuals, a written explanation of how the nominee’s support made a difference would replace tangible project evidence.

• Has the nominee made an impact beyond their immediate team/ business area/ department?
• Can the nominee adapt to a particular set of circumstances e.g. step in when needed?
• Will the initiative/project described leave a lasting legacy and can it be replicated across the nuclear industry?

For further guidance, please contact who will be able to assist with your queries.

Completed Subject Matter Expert Nominations

Please email completed nominations by 5pm Friday 26th October 2018 for shortlisting by the judging panel.  Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Applications will need to be submitted via e-mail to  with UK Nuclear Skills Awards - Subject Matter Expert as the subject